BBC to launch 20 new radio shows on Sounds

Fearne Cotton, 1Xtra’s Dotty and Sideman, plus comedians Matt Lucas and James Acaster are lined up to host new podcasts and programmes on BBC Sounds.

The new shows will range from true crime and investigations, entertaining comedy and chat, journalism and storytelling.

In the coming months on BBC Sounds there are six new podcasts in which younger voices explore the subjects that matter to them, such as United Zingdom in which Zing Tsjeng figures out whether to become British, and gaming journalists Julia Hardy and Aoife Wilson present This Game Changed My Life.

More music content including BBC Sounds of the 90s with Fearne Cotton from Radio 2, and in podcast James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds the comedian proposes that 2016 is the greatest year for music of all time, sharing his obsession with fellow comedians.

BBC Sounds is also launching four brand new music mixes including 1Xtra R&B Chill from Nadia Jae and Radio 1’s Movie Mixtapes from Ali Plumb.

In new series Jacob Hawley: In Love the comedian looks at different aspects of relationships and he returns with more episodes of Jacob Hawley: On Drugs too; in Them Ones three best mates from Birmingham reveal their Whatsapp chat and, consequently, the inner workings of their lives; and 5 live’s Hope High follows the families of secondary school students in Huddersfield.

Power Out is a pacey thriller from Radio 4 about young people taking power in their own hands; and Asian Network launches new podcast Bollywood Uncovered.

New podcasts from BBC News and Current Affairs: the world’s longest running current affairs programme Panorama launches a podcast; and Americast with Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel will share the latest drama from the race for the White House. Brexitcast is evolving into Newscast taking listeners behind the scenes for an inside look at the biggest news stories

Three true crime podcasts including Manhunt – Finding Kevin Parle from Radio 5 live and hosted by Peter Bleksley; Where is George Gibney? in which journalist Mark Horgan investigates the internationally-renowned Olympic swimming coach; and mortem which tells the story of three bodies through forensics science

Matt Lucas, 1Xtra’s Sideman and Dotty bring brand new comedy chat. There will be jaw-dropping conversation on The Dotty Podcast; on Weird Flex But OK Sideman meets people with weird but wonderful habits; and on Bitch Bitch Bitch Matt Lucas brings guests together to gossip about the unpleasant side of jobs many might wish they had.

Jonathan Wall, Controller of BBC Sounds, said: “Sounds is growing and growing with 3 million people now coming to us for music, radio and podcasts each week. We keep upping the ambition for our on demand audio and I’m delighted with the variety of great podcasts and music we’ve got coming up.

“Whether people want laughs and entertainment, or insight and intrigue, Sounds has something relevant for everyone. It lets us give new voices a platform to talk about what matters as well as bring the best of what the BBC does to new listeners.”

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  1. Pat says

    Jaw dropping entertainment!-yawn,one minute they are desperately short of money,next thing stuff like this.Read an interesting article this morning suggesting that the BBC might be spending most of their time adjusting output to bring in younger ages but mostly all they are doing is alienating their older listeners because young people aren’t interested in radio or the BBC much anymore.

    1. Niko says

      Don’t hit it just yet, Pat. As one of those younger folk (well almost) I find that these audiences would consume content not because of who made it. They’re much as likely to discover BBC podcasts through other means, which might make for a worthwhile investment in the end.

    2. Dan says

      Pat completely letting the whole point of these Sounds exclusives miss him… 🙄

  2. Tim says

    Fearne Cotton no, thank you.

  3. Mark says

    Written by Toby Lerone?

  4. Digestive says

    Sounds is growing and growing? Is it really, or is it growing because you shut Iplayer Radio forcing the listening public to use this cheap tat.

  5. david worth says

    They take the free tv licence from seventy fives and waste money on this

    1. Dan says

      Think you’ll find the Government did that? Would you rather license fee money spent on content or a welfare benefit (bought in by Gordon Brown)?

  6. Mark Budgen says

    Areas again that The BBC should NOT be getting into.

    The unique way it’s paid for – and if you don’t pay for it, you’ll go to prison for not paying the fines. It’s 2020. The BBC should be privatised.

  7. Chidera Okobo says

    I hope BBC in attempt to make themselves palatable to younger generations aren’t putting off older people that listen to it. I hope the podcast are interesting enough at least. I look forward to listening to the ones on sports and entertainment.

  8. adewils says

    All sounds great to me but then I’m not a competitor and I don’t work for one. I’m really looking forward to listening to some of these. Big up the BBC. Long may she reign.

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