New DAB radio station to launch in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is getting a new full-service county-wide radio station called Get Radio launching today at midday on the Oxfordshire DAB multiplex.

The first live show will be at 8pm with a New Year’s Eve party and the first Breakfast show starts Monday at 6am with Rich Smith.

The station says it will be speaking to the people who make the businesses and communities tick, giving a voice to the county’s business owners; to the local politicians who make the decisions; to the families who rely on their home high streets; to the retailers, the lawyers, the doctors, the charity workers and artists who are the backbone of our community hubs.

Local news bulletins will be provided by Radio News Hub, with regular updates on local traffic and travel from Radio Travel News.

The station promises a big commitment to business, with local enterprise leaders Mike Foster and Ben Thompson presenting Get Radio’s Business Brunch at 11am every Sunday from January 10th.

Get Radio is the brainchild of James Craddock and Rich Smith, who will be building up the station’s schedule over the next few months.

Co-founder James told RadioToday: “Radio has been a passion of mine since I was nine-years-old. My other three obsessions are IT, business, and music, and they have all played a part in getting this project off the ground.

“Get Radio is a splendid opportunity to establish a community and business orientated radio station designed to serve Oxfordshire and help people bounce back from the pandemic.”

Co-founder and radio presenter, Rich Smith, added: “This venture is all about radio and our community. I’m really looking forward to hearing from people and listening to what’s going on in the heart of our towns and villages. One of our main aims is to bring people together.

“It’s just two of us working on this endeavour with a very small budget. But, in time, we want to build up our offering to serve the people across our county and provide some fun and fabulous music at the same time.”

Rich’s debut programme on January 4th focuses on fitness and mental health, and he will be speaking to a personal trainer about how we can improve our health and resilience during the winter.

Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2020 at 7:15 am by RadioToday UK

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