Adthos Platform: a glimpse into the future of audio advertising

PROMOTION: A world-first in audio advertising, the Adthos Ad-Server was released in June 2021 and has since been downloaded many thousands of times across the globe.

And following hot on its heels, Adthos Creative Studio has made it possible to create broadcast-quality advertising audio using innovative text-to-speech and synthetic voice technology.

This first-of-a-kind browser-based multitrack editor allows broadcasters and advertisers to collaborate online, combining music, human and synthetic voice to produce real-time audio advertising. With the kinds of features commonly found in Digital Audio Workstations including equalisers, compressors, limiters and even an option to use professional plugins.

And that’s not all, Adthos Creative Studio allows on-the-go spot creation and offers powerful targeting possibilities.

Delivering the largest radio ad campaign in history

But the latest innovation for Adthos Creative Studio is set to change everything: Pre-produced, customizable audio adverts. This technology was recently put to the test through the creation of a pro-vaccination ad campaign, which can be downloaded and used for free.

Using Adthos’ advanced text to speech and synthetic voice technology combined with geo-locations, it was possible to generate more than 13.000 adverts, covering over 6500 cities, and in 70 languages, all within a matter of hours! The potential that this offers to advertisers and broadcasters for future large-scale, multi-lingual and cross-border campaigns is extremely exciting.

Hearing is believing

Adthos Creative Studio has harnessed the power of AI to produce natural sounding and programmable audio that needs to be heard to be believed. Users can choose from up to 40 US – English voices, with Adthos’ exclusive voice talent library of broadcast professionals and Emmy-award winning talent offered within the Gold or Platinum voiceover packages respectively.

It’s also possible to add a specific voice or voices to the library as an additional service.

Once selected, voices can be brought to life with character and personality. Control intonation, speed and apply reading rules for certain types of content such as phone numbers or emails to deliver realistic and engaging audio.

And any voice talent who add their voices to the library have the opportunity to monetise their synthetic voices via a royalty system, track where and when their voice has been used, and choose to opt out of any advertising they don’t want to be associated with e.g., Alcohol or adult-themed content.

Advertising that’s always a step ahead

Creative Studio can dynamically use any webservice to insert content based on different data sets to produce timely, relevant advertising. From web-based information such as weather pages, using geo-targeting for location-based advertising, or even Excel files in the case of information such as pricing catalogues for supermarket deals.

Astonishing possibilities. Unbelievable price.

You’d expect all of this to come at a cost wouldn’t you? Think again. Adthos Creative Studio comes in at just USD49.95/month for a standard subscription.

Still not convinced? Then sign up for a month’s free trial to experience it for yourself!

Curious? Prepare to be amazed.

Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 at 3:35 pm by RadioToday UK

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