talkSPORT submits request to reduce its AM coverage

Ofcom has launched a consultation after receiving a request from talkSPORT to reduce its AM coverage.

The station wants to switch off four of its 22 transmitter sites immediately. This will would reduce the coverage of its AM licence from 93% to 89.9% of the UK adult population.

talkSPORT says the reason for the proposed changes include declining listenership to its AM service, as more people are using alternative platforms, as well as the costs involved in maintaining AM transmitter sites because of current high energy prices.

The proposal includes closing four sites immediately because they may already be unviable. These are Dumfries (Dumfries and Galloway), Kingston upon Hull (East Riding of Yorkshire), Fern Borrow (Bournemouth) and Greenside Scalp (Tayside).

talkSPORT also wants to work towards closing thirteen further sites gradually over the next few years when they become unviable. These are Fareham (Hampshire), Stockton (Durham/North Yorkshire), Lydd (Kent), Southwick/Brighton (West Sussex), Dartford Tunnel (Kent), Clipston (West Northamptonshire), Duxhurst (Surrey), Wallasey (Cheshire), Lisnagarvey (County Antrim, Northern Ireland), Boston (Suffolk), Wrekenton (Newcastle), Postwick (Norfolk), and Rusthall (Tunbridge Wells).

Ofcom doesn’t have the power to give permission for a rolling programme of transmitter site closures on dates to be decided, so will only consider talkSPORT’s proposals to close four transmitter sites immediately.

It says it is minded to approve the request, but before reaching a final decision, is giving affected and interested parties an opportunity to have their say.

The consultation will close on 17 March 2023.

Posted on Friday, February 17th, 2023 at 11:04 am by Steve Collins

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