Four essential gaming podcasts for all types of gamers

Podcasts have enjoyed a remarkable rise in popularity over the past couple of decades, with millions of people enjoying podcasts on almost every topic you can imagine.

Gaming podcasts are some of the most frequently listened to nowadays, with avid gamers looking to gain an edge over the competition by learning about new tactics or simply getting information about the new gaming titles set to release.

While gaming podcasts have been widely listened to for the last decade at least, a number of things have recently propelled these shows into the stratosphere. For example, Audible’s promotion deal with Bauer has enabled the podcast platform to reach an even larger audience, which means gaming enthusiasts have even more choice.  

But in such a crowded market, how do you choose the best show to listen to? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Keep reading for some of the most essential gaming podcasts for all types of gamers. 

Giant Bombcast 

Giant Bombcast is undeniably one of the best known gaming podcasts, known for its flexible format that can encompass interviews with high-profile guests, game reviews, general news roundups, and shedloads of genuinely funny banter. Created by Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis, formerly of the popular gaming publication GameSpot, the show has been running for 15 years. 

Tragically, Ryan Davis died in 2013, in a sad event that sent shockwaves through the global gaming community. More recently, Jeff Gerstmann departed the podcast in controversial fashion, with the popular gaming figure ultimately revealing that he was fired due to bureaucratic disputes with the new owners. Even so, Giant Bombcast is still going strong and remains one of the best gaming podcasts on the market.

Casino Kombat 

It can be tempting to neglect the burgeoning iGaming industry when it comes to gaming podcasts, but you should be extremely careful not to make this mistake. Games like online slots are some of the most played video games in the world nowadays, with an exceptional number of high-quality titles up for grabs. Podcasts such as Casino Kombat are around to help you navigate the online gaming library at casinos, and can also give vital tips for successful gameplay. 

While the Casino Kombat podcast is largely focused on techniques to help you increase your chances of beating the house in games like blackjack or roulette, there are also regular roundups of the best online slots and other iGaming options. Hosted by the infamous Ramblin Gambler, the show also mixes humour with genuinely helpful information, making it an enjoyable and informative show you really shouldn’t miss.

Castle Super Beast 

If you’re looking for a gaming podcast that dials down on the seriousness and turns up the silly jokes to the max, Castle Super Beast is the one for you. The podcast was born out of the embers of the popular YouTube channel Super Best Friends Play, with two of the main presenters, Woolie and Pat, deciding to set up Castle Super Beast in its wake. 

The show loosely follows gaming news and reviews, so it’s still a great place for gamers to learn about new developments within the gaming community. Nevertheless, most listeners end up tuning in for the hilarious gags and numerous funny in-jokes that the two hugely likeable presents end up concocting. Don’t miss Castle Super Beast if you’re after a light, airy and massively funny gaming podcast touching on various genres and aspects of the gaming world.

Axe of the Blood God

Axe of the Blood God is a brilliant gaming podcast focusing on RPG games like the legendary Skyrim or RuneScape. While it’s also massively entertaining, one of the main traits of this podcast is the sheer learning opportunities and education it can give to beginners and experts alike. Whether you’re an RPG veteran or you’re just getting started, the trio of Kat Bailey, Nadia Oxford and Eric Van Allen will almost certainly be able to teach you something new.

The podcast has racked up impressive numbers over the last several years, with new episodes generally going live every Monday. The show is readily available on Spotify, iTunes and all major podcast platforms, so regardless of your preferred channel, you shouldn’t have any trouble tuning in. The presenters don’t just rely on their own knowledge either, with listeners treated to several industry experts chiming in with their opinions during the show. 

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