Top three healthy diet-themed podcast recommendations

Apart from radio shows, podcasts are known to offer various topics that listeners can choose to listen to, including food and healthy diets.

Nowadays, food-related podcasts have been growing in popularity as they provide a wide variety of content that attracts food enthusiasts or casual listeners.

These podcasts offer an informative and entertaining way to learn more about the world of cuisine, particularly in relation to healthy living. In order to provide listeners with a glimpse into the culinary world, many podcasts include interviews with well-known nutritionists, food writers, and industry experts. 

Furthermore, these podcasts also feature healthy tips on eating organic ingredients and recipe-sharing, which makes them a great resource for home cooks or healthy food enthusiasts. 

Whether you want to find out more about how to achieve a balanced diet or simply want to pass your free time, here is our top list of healthy diet-related podcasts that you can check out.

The Food Chain

The Food Chain explores the industry, science, and cultural significance of food and the process involved in getting the food onto the plate. Since the podcast is from the BBC, the topics are examined from a global perspective. Hosted by senior journalist Ruth Alexander, the podcast’s episodes generally focus on the economics of food-related phenomena around the globe. 

For example, the Feed Your Brain episode delves into the relationship between our gut and the brain, along with how digested food impacts our memory, alertness, and mood. 

Furthermore, this episode also discusses how oily fish and other foods containing Omega 3 are crucial for the brain’s health. In the episode, Ruth is joined by health experts, including a neurologist specialising in nutrition Dr Reeta Achari, and a nutritional psychiatrist Dr Uma Naidoo. 

Most of the interviews in The Food Chain feature regular individuals or experts, rather than celebrities, and discuss their jobs. This provides the interviews with a more approachable feel while giving the listeners a look into the lives of people living in different parts of the world, from farmers in Thailand to food bank founders in Kenya.

The Good Food with Tracey Raye

This podcast is hosted by registered nutritionist and health editor at BBC Good Food Tracey Raye. In this podcast, Raye invites guests, including nutritionist Emma White, to discuss safe weight loss and intermittent fasting.

Furthermore, The Good Food also delves into learning the importance of implementing a balanced diet and simple health advice that can make a huge difference to help improve your everyday life.

There are five episodes to listen to in the podcast series, which comprise Healthy Weight Loss, Fasting for Weight Loss, Keto Diet, Achieving a Balanced Diet, and Healthy Tips to Energise Your Life.

Food Psych

Food Psych is a weekly podcast hosted by dietitian nutritionist, eating counsellor, and journalist Christy Harrison. Every week, Harrison answers questions from listeners about learning body acceptance, overcoming harmful wellness culture, implementing intuitive eating, healing from disordered eating, and others based on an anti-diet perspective. 

For example, in the Sugar and Your Health episode, Harrison discusses whether consuming sugar is harmful to your health by exploring what the research really says. Therefore, listeners can learn more about the relationship between sugar intake and health conditions like diabetes.

Furthermore, the podcast also features Harrison talking about her journey from being a disordered eater to becoming a food writer and dietitian who opposes diets. Food Psych is aimed at providing safe support for listeners who are recovering from eating disorders and weight stigma.

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