Neil Fox calls Nick Grimshaw a #totalnob
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Neil Fox calls Nick Grimshaw a #totalnob

Twitter was the place to be this morning as Magic Breakfast presenter Neil Fox tweeted his feelings about Radio 1’s Breakfast host Nick Grimshaw.

Neil called 28 year old Nick a “#totalnob” for saying Robbie Williams is too old and irrelevant to Radio 1’s audience – which is aimed at 15-29 year olds.

Reports say Robbie’s new single Candy was left off the A list at Radio 1 because they felt that it was too old for the station’s demographic, whilst new acts such as One Direction and Calvin Harris are on heavy rotation.

Neil Fox thinks the decision “smacks of desperations” and will backfire on them.

He told “I’m not the voice of youth but Radio 1 are crazy for saying they’re not playing his new song. He’ll still be popular when One Direction have split up.

“I know Ben Cooper – he used to produce my Drive show on Capital – but he needs to work out if Radio 1 is a pop station or not.”

The debate started when Radio 1 said they are not playing Robbie, and Nick Grimshaw confirmed it to 5 News: “I don’t know if he’s now for a Radio 1 audience. I’ve never listened to a Robbie Williams song, but I really like him.

“To 13 and 14-year-olds, he’s not relevant. They’ve got One Direction. I liked Take That when I was little, but I’m not little anymore.”

A spokesperson for Radio 1 says: “We don’t ban songs. We playlist songs that are relevant to our young audience.”

We asked Neil about his tweets this morning. He said: “I don’t know Nick I’m sure he’s a nice guy but it will be interesting to see how long he lasts now his honeymoon period is over”.

Here’s the initial tweet:

Which was followed up an hour later after 35 re-tweets

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  1. Adam Foster

    I love this . Who is Nick grimshaw to say Robbie isnt relevant. If im right both Radio 1 and the X factor are aimed at the same audience and the X factor has no problem with Robbie coming on the show also wasnt it only a couple of weeks ago that Robbie was in fact being interviewed by Chris Moyles on Radio 1?

    1. HeSpeakethTheTruth

      X factor is aimed at a far wider audience than Radio 1. X Factor is a family show, Radio 1 is a youth station

  2. Broadcastpeeps

    Errrr….either Radio Today have misquoted Foxy or he can’t remember that Ben Cooper was his producer on Capital, not Magic.

  3. Pete

    I’m glad Robbie doesn’t get played on my favourite station. The song is bloody awful for a start- I can only imagine it is 35-year old mothers buying his song.

  4. smoothl606

    Radio 1 should move Nick back to the late show, get someone like Dixie or Stuart Elmore to do breakfast, at least they can do it better than him.
    Radio 1 needs to have less emphasis on new music, more on Today’s Best Mix instead.

  5. antster1983

    The kids at my local drop-in seem to like Candy – it’s a very poppy song and has the kids jumping and singing along. If Grimmers thinks Robbie Williams isn’t relevant to kids then he’s the one who is out of touch.

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