Ofcom limits next community radio round
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Ofcom limits next community radio round

Ofcom has advertised the latest areas in the third round of community radio licences, but excluded major towns and cities in the north from FM stations.

The regulator wants applications from within West and South Yorkshire, Humberside and north west England but has said there are no FM frequencies available in Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Chester, Leeds, Bradford, Scunthorpe, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham.

Applications for AM station are still invited though.

New stations are welcome on FM in Lancashire, Crewe OR Nantwich, Huddersfield OR Halifax OR Dewsbury, Sheffield and finally Southport.

Places such as Manchester already has a number of community radio stations from the previous two licensing rounds – with two city centre stations Gaydio and Unity, along with over half a dozen more operating in Greater Manchester.

Liverpool City on the other hand, has none.

Closing date for applications, including a non-refundable £600 are required by October 15th at 5pm.

If you are part of a community group disappointed by this news, please get in touch.

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  1. Me

    RE: Scunthorpe
    It’s about frequency availability, not whether or not an area has a community radio station or not.

  2. AK

    Why not also get in touch with RadioToday if you’re part of a community group that’s chuffed at being given the chance to apply for a licence this time round?

    Frequencies can’t be magicked up. There are two entire counties (Lancs and E Yorks) as well as some big urban areas like Sheffield and Huddersfield. Most of the named areas have active RSL or online radio groups who are going to be jumping for joy at this opportunity. Just saying… !

  3. slgleg

    Are there no FM frequencies that could have been used in the Warrington/Liverpool areas.
    Didn’t a couple of licences get handed back from Liverpool that could have been used.

    1. Mr X

      I’m surprised the axe men at Bauer haven’t pulled down the shutters on CityTalk yet. It is a pointless broadcast – give the frequency to community radio!

      1. Radio Geordie

        Well there’s very little talk is there?

        It’s just an automated jukebox for about 20 hours a day.

        While I remember, there was also a commercial operation once on 106.8. That frequency was never reallocated was it?

    1. dave

      I am suprised if there are going to be that many going for FM ?. In meny ways community radio has reached a peak ?. It,s cheaper & easy to broadcast on the internet these days.

      1. Adrian Jay

        Yes it is cheaper and two of the all time greats are now back as online stations GEM AM and Trent sound complete with real Jingles

  4. Bright Spark

    Halifax already has a community radio station – 96.7 Phoenix FM. On the southside of the M62 there is no point giving Huddersfield, Kirklees a station as everyone there listens to the crap on 105.1. On the other hand, Scunthope really could do with one as all they have is either a weak crackly signal from either 96.9 Viking FM or from Lincs FM.

    1. Mr X

      Weak crackly signal from Lincs FM? They have a transmitter right in the middle of Scunny.

      Anyway, this debate is invalid as North Lincolnshire council area has a frequency available according to the actual Ofcom docs.

      1. Bright Spark

        With the wireless I have, I receive Lincs and Viking with a poor signal, so its probably me wireless playing up.

    2. Alex

      Try 97.6 for Lincs FM in Scunthorpe! Signal is crystal clear. When in car, it will automatically switch from 102.2 to 97.6 and likewise 96.7 for Grantham transmitter.

  5. dave

    I think ofcom just wants to move community radio out the way on to AM !. Yes there are some citys across the UK were there is no more room on FM like London & Birmingham ect. I guess they are looking to selling off the FM band after the switch to DAB !!.

  6. Tonyb

    For a start, where is Humberside? I thought it had been abolished. I look forward to East Yorkshire having more stations. Good luck to the Lancashire seaside town of Southport which deserves a station to succeed.

  7. c

    £600 none refundable a go not bad just for application ?.
    What ofcom needs to do is sort out the community stations on air first before it starts offering more licences ???.
    We have some stations playing 12hours of automation back to back records a jingle ect. Why cannot these stations become part time & give other community groups the frequency ????. pritty easy to remote switch transmitter on & off ???.


    Scunny – Lincs FM won’t be too happy with any new kids on the block moving in, they’ve already had there domination slashed in Lincolnshire (and quite right too) – There appears to be a new online service broadcasting as South Humberside Community Radio, even though the county of Humberside disappeared back in 1996, so not a very good start me thinks

    1. Adrian Jay

      Yes Gravity fm in South Lincolnshire are much better than Lincs fm, They are like and old ILR station

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