Global to launch Heart 80s nationally on DAB

Global is starting a third national Heart station, as Heart 80s joins Heart and Heart extra.

The new station will launch on Digital One – where Bauer’s 80s station, Absolute 80s, recently left to join the smaller Sound Digital multiplex.

The station’s breakfast show will be presented live by Roberto, weekdays 6am-10am and Saturdays 8am-12pm. Jason Donovan, host of All 80s on the Heart network, will host Sunday mornings from 9am-12pm.

Ashley Tabor, Global’s Founder & Executive President, told RadioToday: “Heart 80s is a brand new radio station for the UK – there’s no other 80s station on D1, and no other 80s station in the UK focused on feel good 80s hits. Global is committed to DAB Digital radio and to the D1 platform. Our investment in building audiences on D1 is an important part of our strategy to drive DAB digital radio take up. This is a very exciting time for the Heart brand and for Global.”

Gary Stein, Heart’s Managing Editor, added: “We know that 80s music is hugely popular so we’re turning up the feel good with a brand new station dedicated to the decade that has given us so many classic hits. With 9.3 million weekly listeners, Heart is the biggest commercial radio brand in the UK and we’re looking forward to making it even bigger and better with the launch of Heart 80s.”

Heart 80s will be available right across the UK on DAB via the D1 platform, on Sky channel 0112 and the Heart app from Global from 6am on Tuesday March 14th.

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  1. Samuel K says

    Very good move for Global! Lots of people will listen.

  2. Alan Hall. says

    Great idea. I will listen. They should also look at starting two more stations as soon as. They should be Heart 60’s and Heart 70’s. People would also listen into them. I do hope that Ashley Tabor will do just that.
    The 60’s and 70’s were a great era too.

  3. Charlie Reynolds says

    Thank goodness for that. But where will Heart Extra move to on Sky?

  4. am says

    Perfect opportunity to use DAB+

  5. Russ says

    Always a pleasure to hear good radio news,although Ashley Tabor, Global’s Founder & Executive President, told RadioToday: “…..and no other 80s station in the UK focused on feel good 80s hits”

    I understand he is probably referring to DAB/FM/AM, but, what about the professionally, commercially operated UK only internet radio stations that do exactly that already?

    Competition is healthy and I wish his team the very best for the future.

  6. Alan Hall. says

    There is already Absolute Radio 80’s and Free Radio 80’s, so how is this new station sound different?.

  7. Paul Bexfield says

    There’s also the very Excellent Max80’s and Love 80’s on the manchester trial multiplex
    Both great stations with very big playlists
    As Heart and Smooth stations operate with a tight small playlist I won’t be bothering
    And as another poster states there are several other 80’s stations from the uk on internet too

  8. Martin Southard says

    Would have been nice for one of the Sound Digital stations to be truly National

  9. Stephen barnes says

    I like max 80s love. 80s but very. Weak signals. The way heart 80s differs from. Ab is no boring syndicated breakfast. Show. Less ads and less voice tracked. Presenters is like. Heart 70s or smooth. 70s next

  10. Harry james says

    Should have been in dab+, your cold get at least two programmes in that space

  11. Liam Gough says

    Even more Madonna from Heart not sure how we managed without it. Nearly every breakfast show on heart has to have a Madge song and the first thing I heard on h80 was her again. Put some imagination in to the station there were over 5000 songs in the top 40s of the 80s if you combine USA UK Australia and new Zealand. Also why not throw in occasional kicking country or rock which may not have been in main stream charts. I love the 80s and have done 80s shows but cringe when you only get to hear about 300 of the same tunes on rotation with tacky boring indents. The 80s were fun, well for the best part any presenters need to be quick and slick and full of energy. Let’s hope Heart can take that challenge and not become absolutely borring.

  12. Robert Parmar says

    It’s great to have a new 80s radio station
    With lots of 80s music

    Will you be launching a 90s radio to go next to the 80s radio station

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