Vernon Kay to leave Radio X after 18 months

Vernon Kay is leaving his mid morning show on Global’s Radio X after 18 months.

His last show in the 10am-1pm slot will be this Friday (17th March).

Radio X Managing Editor Matt Deverson told RadioToday: “We’ve loved having Vernon on Radio X and he leaves with our very best wishes.”

Vernon was on Radio 1 between 2004 and 2012 as a mainstay of the weekend schedule. He also covered for Chris Moyles on the Radio 1 breakfast show, and had continued to dep for Moyles at Radio X.

Meanwhile, Ricky Wilson is no longer hosting his Sunday programme on Radio X. The Kaiser Chiefs singer hasn’t been on air recently and isn’t returning to the slot. He was also part of the launch line-up in September 2015.

Matt Deverson has added: “Ricky’s band commitments for the rest of this year mean he can’t do his regular Radio X show in 2017. We’ve loved having him as part of the family and we look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Today’s news follows yesterday’s story that breakfast show producer Dave Masterman is leaving to join Bauer. Radio X also got a new Managing Editor at the start of this year with Matt Deverson replacing Chris Baughen.

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  1. Dan Dean says

    Who listens to “these” radio stations…apart from people “within” the business.
    As someone who travels around it would seem that the radio is full of these stations that i never hear anywhere….it is nearly always Radio 1 or 2….if there are”boys” in the office maybe “Talk sport”, but as for the rest of the world in general, they simply don’t exist

    1. Steven Dawson says

      What a rather inane comment and totally inacurate. So you only listen to Radio 1 and 2, well fine good for you, but you never know if you take the trouble to press the select button you might find a whole new world and something that you might like even better. With regards Vernon I’ve enjoyed listenning to his natural delivery and hope he turns up somewhere else on the radio very soon.

    2. Rob pam says

      I do

    3. RS says

      If you save your pennies, one day you might be able to have something called “Digital Radio” in your car. I pity you having to listen to the rubbish on Radio 1.

  2. Rob says

    So no on air goodbye from Chris then? To be honest I can’t say I’d miss Vernon. Will be an interesting listen on Monday when Chris returns to see how he handles this and Masterman leaving.

    Unfortunately I think its showing that Radio X hasn’t quite worked as it should have. It may also mean that Chris will only see out his 2 years contract and not be extended for the 3rd. Be a damn shame to lose Chris off the radio again.

  3. Amy Freeman says

    I love Radio X and listen every day. I hope this isn’t the start of the end as Chris and Johnny make my day.

  4. Mark Gardner says

    its just Radio X evolving, Chris will stay, Vernon’s a nice guy but a bit bland on the radio, He worked well at Radio 1 as he was for the teen market.

    Fearne Cotton would be a good replacement.

    I dont think Radio X is going anywhere just bettering itself.

    Hopefully they will anounce the new lineup after Vernon’s show.
    I reckon there will be new audio imaging etc as well.

  5. Chris Gilbert says

    Gutted Vern’s gone. He was the perfect listen in the morning. He played loads of music yeah. But his banter was just spot on for mid mornings. I’ve heard whispers that Moyles will not extend his contract in September. That would be jaw dropping. Radio X experiment would be deemed a flop. Hopefully he stays and all will be well. He joked this morning that they were all going to be poached over to Absolute Radio. Maybe just maybe a little bit of truth in that?

  6. Ken Bruce says

    Chris Moyle and Johnny Vaughan are the best thing about on the radio at the moment, I used to hate Johnny on capital btw. Vernon didn’t do it for me, he sounded like a bloke going through a mid life crisis to me, if you try to be down with the kids, you ain’t down with the kids.

  7. Lesley says

    Disappointed to see Vernon and Dave M go. I listened to XFM because the music was much more to my taste than Capital, Heart or anything from the BBC, and while I felt excluded from Radio X since it was promoted as ‘men only’ I’m enjoying Moyles and Vernon. Will be sad if Moyles goes too as the music has changed slightly beyond my taste now (maybe it’s just that I can’t stand Catfish and the Bottlemen).

  8. Ivan says

    Shame Vernon left Radio X was the best on there as have to turn off Moyles & Vaughn as they like the sound of their own voice way too much, and also Ricky Wilson left !!!

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