Networked mid-morning show for Bauer stations

Bauer is introducing networked mid-morning shows on its Bauer City Network of stations in England and Scotland.

The new show will replace around 10 local radio presenters who currently host programmes in their own markets. Bauer says it is working with the presenters to identify other opportunities across the network.

Debbie Mac, currently on Key 103, will now broadcast across Rock FM, Viking FM, Hallam FM, Radio City, TFM, Radio Aire, Metro Radio and Key 103. The new show will not air on CFM, Gem or the Free Radio stations in the Midlands.

Whilst in Scotland, Greigsy will broadcast one show from 10-2pm across Northsound 1, Tay FM, Forth One, West FM and Clyde 1 – broadcasting out of the Clyde 1 studios.

Group Managing Director, Bauer City Network Graham Bryce said, “Our commitment to creating compelling engaging relevant content is at the heart of what we do. We are focusing our product investment into areas that provide differentiation and a deep connection with our listeners; exceptional Breakfast and Drive shows, award-winning local news, sport, traffic and travel, and high quality and relevant local information.”

These changes will begin to be phased in from the 10th of July.

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  1. MARK LEVY says

    More presenters collecting their P45s.

  2. ashley says

    I would have though being local would be their USP.

  3. David Baker says

    10 local presenters gone. One button hit to keep each station local! And that’ll be voicetracked It’s all cost cutting no other reason. I do feel for the people who are losing their jobs

  4. Bill says

    What did anyone expect when Gobal/Communicorp have similar services networked most of the day and it makes no real difference to listeners when ‘smart networking’ is used to disguise the remote presence of the presenter. The only surprise is how long it took Bauer to make this change. Sad for those who will loose jobs but realistically to compete this is the only thing that Bauer could do.

  5. Liam Forristal says

    Graham Bryce sounds about as sincere as a certain conservative leader at the moment.

  6. Chris Burroughs says

    Another nail in the coffin of’true local radio’

  7. Duncan campbell says

    we had this network carry on before it never went well why change everything again feel sorry for the people who are losing there jobs why cant Ofcom not stop this from happening bauer should hold there heads in shame they simply don’t care about peoples lively hoods end of its money money money to them

  8. Roger Frederico says

    Hopefully Metro and TFM will retain Brian Moore on Drivetime.

    1. Martin says

      One day I hope TFM separates from Metro to become a local station again and not just a relay of Metro 24 hours a day. AND PLEASE DITCH Alan Robson. BBC Tees and Zetland FM for me until then

  9. Andy says

    The death of radio continues a pace thank god for Spotify beats brain dead radio

  10. Andy Hyland says

    Just call it one UK wide network from now on. Greedy people at the top, all that think about is money not the local listener. Shame on you.

  11. Trevor says

    Heart managed to wipe out all the local stations. Looks like it’s happening again

  12. Stephen Dixon says

    The march of Generic FM continues. God help if they tried to be different.

  13. Joe Smith says

    Radio Bauerly Plausible is launched!

  14. Martin says

    Tell you what Bauer why just scrap local radio altogether? Oh hang on that’s exactly what you are doing.

  15. Craig B says

    Growing up with EMAP, stations like Hallam, Key, Rock etc, they showed everyone how to balance Local radio and still keep the big sound. The stations have sadly lost any appeal they had and listeners no longer relate to them.

    Networking Mid mornings will not solve the mass dip on Rajar, engaging content driven presenters who show listeners respect with knowledge of the TSA, along with programmers who give presenters “Trust” and freedom to entertain is the only solution .

    Chasing Capital and being completely celebrity driven is not the way Bauer should go. What happened to the generation I grew up with who believed in entertaining radio where every single listener mattered?

    I feel for all the presenters that are once again losing jobs and being replaced for cost cutting reasons.

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