West FM to move output from Ayr to Glasgow

West FM’s local programmes are moving from Ayr to Glasgow to share studio space with Radio Clyde.

The local radio station will also take the new networked mid-morning show from Clyde 1 with Greigsy from 10am till 2pm, meaning only breakfast and afternoons will remain exclusive to West FM.

Its local sales team, news operation and Cash for Kids work will however remain in Ayr.

Bauer says: “The Radio Clyde studios in Glasgow have seen significant investment, and are equipped with the latest technology and studios. As a result of this change the team at West FM will also be able to take advantage of these facilities.”

Ofcom permission was not needed for the move as both stations are in the same ‘pre-approved area’ for Glasgow & SW Scotland.

West FM broadcasts on 96.7, 97.5, 106.7 FM and on DAB Digital Radio and launched in 1997 after a split from its sister station, West Sound.

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  1. Bill says

    The output from a Glasgow based studio is not really close to the area that Bauer hold the ILR licence for. Presenters will be sitting in Clydebank some 40 miles away from Ayr and will be no more local than BBC services really. Next moves…. Tay FM from Aberdeen and Radio Borders from Edinburgh? Bottom line is that local radio seems to be in terminal decline and Bauer intend to replicate the Capital, Heart and Smooth regional arrangements. So sad, lots of jobs will be destroyed as a result but that is probably realistic considering the over capacity of local radio and the consolidation in recent years.

    1. Willie Bone says

      There are plans afoot to create two DAB multiplexes as Glasgow North (covering central Scotland & Ayrshire) with Glasgow South (covering Dumfries & Galloway) which is yet to be advertised. The DAB encoder for the Ayr multiplex is/was residing in the WestSound building in Ayr. The encoder equipment could be later rehoused within the WestSound FM studios centre in Dumfries to relay the local commercial & BBC regional services in Dumfries! BBC Radio Scotland does opt outs for local news for the Dumfries & Galloway region. The transmission cost for D & G could prove expensive, requiring eight local transmission masts for regional reception!

  2. Scosha says

    Never been the same when they changed all those years ago, that be like Glasgow radio moving to Ayr ……

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