Polly James to create podcasts about radio


Capital South Wales co-host Polly James is recording a podcast series focussing on the radio industry.

Polly will produce 10 episodes, all with a different co-host guest, talking about radio, to mark her 10th anniversary working in the industry.

“This is podcast series made out of the pure love I have for radio,” Polly told RadioToday. “How I’ve managed to blag a career that I adore so much is definitely worth marking with something special. It’s been one of the most rewarding and the longest relationship in my life. I want to give something back. I want to sit back and chat about all the things in radio that excite me and listen to the experts talk about them. I wanna continue to learn, I keep that fire burning. I’m the ultimate radio geek- spending my anniversary in a studio in front of a mic, talking about radio with radio people, there is no place I’d rather be!”

The first episode will be out on February 7th, and the series is supported by RadioToday. Topics range from sport to women and guests lined up include Scott Mills, Colin Murray and Pat Sharp.

Polly continues: “The plan is to have a laugh and deliver something interesting, (even for non-radio people) fun and easy listening. I will host the podcast with a co-host and special guest each episode. I’m lucky to say that some of the people I have lined up, are great friends, whom I’ve worked with at some point over the last 10 years. There is no specific direction for each conversation but each guest will give an expert insight and snapshot of what radio is like in their specific field.

“For example, the first episode already recorded (out 7th Feb) is the ‘Sports on the radio’ episode and it’s really compelling. I was hanging off every word Colin Murray had to say from his opinion on ex-sports professionals in the industry. How he transitioned from music to sports radio, the future of sports on the radio including his show fighting talk and the magic of sports on the radio that TV just can’t compete with.

“The ‘Women on the radio’ with Stephanie Hirst and Vicki Blight is something I’m looking forward too. ‘Getting into radio’ with Scott Mills and my boss, Neil Sloan, will also be an eye-opener. Next stop is with Steve Allen for the ‘Talk radio’ episode and then Pat Sharp and Kev Hughes for the ‘Showbiz’ episode. It’s busy but it’s brilliant and I’m excited.”

Look out for the audio on RadioToday from February 7th.

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