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Ofcom boss to leave early

Ofcom Chief Executive Stephen Carter will leave Ofcom at the end of this month, instead of in October as previously reported. The news comes in the annual report published today.

Stephen Carter took control of the media and telecoms watchdog since its inception three years ago, and will play no further role in the organisation after his departure.

Ofcom Chairman David Currie said: ?In 2005/6 we set out to deliver on our commitments to increase choice and value for the consumer and to reduce the regulatory burden for industry. The Board believes Ofcom has met those commitments.?

He added: ?On behalf of the Board I would also like to pay tribute to Stephen?s outstanding leadership and thank him for everything he has achieved at Ofcom.?

Ofcom Chief Executive Stephen Carter said: ?As the Annual Report hopefully demonstrates, Ofcom is in good shape and in good hands.?

He added: ?I am particularly pleased by the dramatic and striking developments in the broadband market, stimulated and supported by Ofcom?s policies over the last three years.?

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