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Ofcom told to get act together

A community radio station, angry at not being granted a licence has written to James Purnell, Cabinet Minister responsible for Culture, Media and Sport to find out why. Radio Fyneside, based on Loch Fyne in Scotland has also told Ofcom to "get its act together" when dealing with unsuccessful groups.

Ofcom informed the community group they have a good board and a well put together application – with good partnership and figures that add up. However, because the station proposal was based around a community regeneration project, Ofcom refused the application. Radio Fyneside "wanted to use the station to bring several communities into a sense of being a single community of interest" But Ofcom is used to a station serving only one community.

Radio Fyneside members are disappointed at the lack of evidence given, and have [link=http://www.radiofyneside.co.uk/Rt-Hon-James-Purnell-MP.pdf]written[/link] to their local MP Alan Reid and James Purnell, Cabinet Minister responsible for Culture, Media and Sport to ask them why the licence award was a non-event.

One comment posted on the station website says: "What a short-sighted view. Our rural communities need all the forward thinking they can get to keep them sustainable. A radio station would be a wonderful focal point and a medium for all ages, about us and for us. Radio Fyneside’s plans recognise the sheer geographical landmass that our area covers and that existing stations do not really reach us. We are not Oban, Kintyre or even Dunoon. Once again a large body makes a decision that treats our area as a “no man’s land”! Hello!!!!"

Read more on the Radio Fyneside [link=http://www.radiofyneside.co.uk/?p=362]website[/link].

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