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Sex and the Capital City

Capital 95.8, along with the entire One Network, will be promoting the release of the new movie Sex and the City, via a breakfast and drivetime promotion.

Each morning breakfast show listeners will have a scene set for them by Johnny and Denise. Johnny will then, by the power of FX, be transported to a bar in Manhatten, where he will chat up Denise who will be portraying one of the four female characters. Listeners will be asked to guess which character Denise is playing.

Meanwhile, on Capital drivetime, listeners will be played a clip from the movie and asked a question relating to the clip whilst the One Network’s Music Control show will take a random caller to air each day. From Monday to Thursday the caller will pick which character’s questions they want to play.

Prizes for both the Capital 95.8 and The One Network activity will include an all expenses paid trip to the backdrop of the film – New York.

The deal was conceived and negotiated by GCap Media’s Shivali Ramanandi and MediaCom’s Charlie Yeates and Oliver Cooper in conjunction with Lime Communications.

GCap Media’s Shivali Ramanandi said: "We are so pleased to be working with Entertainment Film Distributors on Sex and The City. It is a great fit with our stations and we worked closely to deliver a mechanic that compliments the movie and our listeners."

Earlier this week, Bauer Radio's Magic 105.4 announced a promotion with the same film, which resulted in the station being re-named Sex and the City FM for a week.

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