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Virgin highlights good ads

Virgin Radio is starting a new initiative to allow listeners to vote of their favourite ads of the moment, then highlighting them on-air surrounded by imaging.

The SMG-owned station will be creating a shortlist of the best ads currently on-air and inviting listeners to choose their personal favourite online. The initiative will be fully supported on-air, with the selected ads being prefaced with specially created on-air imaging, as a result the ads will achieve greater stand out at no extra cost to the client.

Once an archive of favourite ads has been compiled, Virgin Radio will use the information, to produce, along with the in house creative, a recipe for success for clients and creative teams.

Nick Hewat, Virgin Radio’s sales director explains: "It falls upon all media owners to look over the horizon and find new ways to help advertising achieve its desired effect in an increasingly busy and complicated world. This and other Virgin Radio initiatives such as “Listen to Win”, which incentives listeners to pay increased attention to commercials by offering a cash prize, are crucial in helping advertisers attain stand out and reach.

“We are a commercial station and actively revel in it – there are TV programmes devoted to the nation’s favourite TV ads, why shouldn’t creativity in radio be celebrated too?” he continued.

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