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Turnbull suspended by BBC Tees

One of BBC Tees best known presenters has left the station after 18 years. Blind early morning host Mark Turnbull was suspended two months ago but a BBC statement says he has now left.

“While this may disappoint some listeners to BBC Tees, hopefully any future changes to the schedule will compensate for Mark moving on,” the BBC said in a statement in the Sunday Sun.

A source told the newspaper: "[link=http://www.bbc.co.uk/tees/content/articles/2006/01/18/presenter_profile_mark_turnbull_feature.shtml]Mark[/link] has been unpopular at the station for sometime since there was a change of management. Under the old regime he was highly regarded but in recent months it has been made clear his style of broadcasting no longer fits in.”

He faced disciplinary action after off-the-cuff remarks on air including one about Radio Newcastle referring to itself as “The station for the North East. Mark rightly pointed out that the North East is a big place and Radio Newcastle doesn’t broadcast to all of it but BBC bosses thought it was bad form for him to be criticising another one of their stations.”

BBC Tees was previously known as BBC Radio Cleveland.

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