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VIDEO: 40 years of Radio Leeds

The BBC is celebrating four decades of local radio in West Yorkshire this week, with the 40th anniversary of BBC Radio Leeds.

BBC Radio Leeds was one of a select group of pioneering, experimental local radio stations which were partly paid for out of the council rates.

In [link=http://www.gjmedia.co.uk/rleeds-1968-high.ram]this[/link] Real Player video, the first Station Manager Phil Sidey talks about how the station was launched with very little money, and when wanted extra equipment had to ask for donations on-air.

The station now broadcasts from St Peters Square in Leeds on 92.4, 95.3, 102.7 and 103.9 FM and DAB.

Thanks to Gerald Jackson's [link=http://www.gjmedia.co.uk/mediacentre.htm]media centre web page[/link] for the video. You can share your memories on the BBC West Yorkshire page [link=http://www.bbc.co.uk/bradford/content/articles/2007/11/20/memoryshare_west_yorkshire_feature.shtml]here[/link].

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