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Dogging issues at Viking FM

One complaint from a Viking FM listener has led to a review of how the station schedules its trails for the late night programme The Confessional.

One particular trailer, which was broadcast at a time when the audience was likely to include children, included references to dogging and group sex.

Bauer acknowledged that the trailer did not comply with Ofcom rules. It apologised to the complainant and stated that it sincerely regretted the situation.

The station explained the error by stating that the trailer was flagged with timing restrictions. However, due to an oversight, the restrictions were overlooked and the trailer was aired at 17.20. It further stated that the error was spotted immediately and the trailer removed from the playout system to prevent any further recurrence.

Ofcom has resolved the matter and no further action will be taken.

[i]The term “dogging” refers to the act of having sex with one or more partners in a public place and/or watching others do so.[/i]

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