Comedians launch new BFBS Radio website

Comedians Armstrong and Miller – in character as World War II RAF pilots – have recorded a special video to help launch the new BFBS Radio website.

The broadcaster is also running a mystery voice competition on their two main stations for the next week to celebrate the enhanced web presence.

Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller’s characters, featured in their popular TV show, use ‘youth-speak’ but talk in RP accents. You can see the special video message here.

The new website gives listeners the latest news from the three main BFBS radio services and the 11 local radio stations, including BFBS Afghanistan. Visitors to the site can listen live to the UK DAB schedule, BFBS Radio 2, BFBS Gurkha and programming from BFBS Germany, BFBS Northern Ireland and BFBS Falkland Islands. There’s also a service for family and friends of serving armed forces personnel to leave messages and requests for their loved ones, plus on-demand listening and a section on welfare resources for Servicemen and service families.

The on-air and online mystery voice competition, ‘Who Are Ya?’, features 7 voices and will run from today on both BFBS Radio and BFBS Radio 2, which broadcast for the British Armed Forces and their families around the world. Sister station BFBS Gurkha Radio, which broadcasts in Nepali and English, is also running a mystery voice competition. Prizes for the promotion are iPad 2s.

Posted on Monday, September 5th, 2011 at 8:24 pm by RadioToday UK

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