New Pure Classic includes ‘listen later’

Radio manufacturers Pure have announced an upgrade to their ONE Classic digital radio set, which now allows listeners to save a favourite programme daily or weekly.

Recording time depends on the bitrate of the channel, with 30 minutes of space for a 192kbit/s service and more than two hours for a channel like LBC News 1152 which is only at 48kbit/s.

The user chooses the station, time and duration for the radio to record – as well as the regularity (daily/weekly). When playing the programme the user can pause at any time, and automatic bookmarking means that if they only managed to listen to part of the programme, they can start again from where they left off.

Clive Dickens, Chief Operating Officer of Absolute Radio, says: “PURE’s Listen Later is a great new feature for our listeners as it will enable them to save and never miss a popular programme like Ian Wright’s post-commentary football analysis on Absolute Radio Extra, his Wright’s 90s Show on Absolute Radio 90s or Frank Skinner’s unmissable Absolute Radio Saturday morning show. You need never miss your favourite shows ever again.”

Gregory Watson, Managing Director of Fun Kids, added: “PURE’s new Listen Later feature is a great idea and perfect for busy families who don’t want to miss an episode from one of our series like ‘Professor Hallux Builds a Body’ or the latest instalment of a great story serialisation. This is a great way of ensuring parents can fit in listening with their children at a time that suits them.”

Available in black or white, the ONE Classic Series II has an RRP of £64.99. As well as DAB, it has FM, aux input, an alarm, kitchen timer, functionality to pause and rewind live digital radio and the ability to pause scrolling text.

Pure have provided the following guide as to how much audio the new device can store, based on the bitrate of the programme recorded. As a guide, Radios 1 and 2 broadcast at 128k, Absolute Radio is at 112k along with services like Planet Rock and Smooth, Classic FM is at 160k and talkSPORT broadcasts on D1 at 64k.

48 kbit/s = 125 mins
64 kbit/s = 90 mins
80 kbit/s = 75 mins
96 kbit/s = 60 mins
112 kbit/s = 50 mins
128 kbit/s = 45 mins
160 kbit/s = 35 mins
192 kbit/s = 30 mins

Posted on Thursday, September 8th, 2011 at 11:15 am by RadioToday UK

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