Two apply for Radio Ceredigion licence

Ofcom has received two applications for the local commercial radio licence for Ceredigion in Wales.

One is from the existing licensee, while the other is from a group made up partly of former Radio Ceredigion managers and directors.

Radio Ceredigion Ltd – part of Town and Country Broadcasting – chose not to reapply under the ‘fast-track’ scheme because they wanted to change the format of the licence. It follows Ofcom’s refusal to allow the station to drop the requirement to broadcast around half of its output in Welsh.

Their challenger for the licence is ‘Radio Ceredigion 2012 cyf’ – a group led by current ‘Friends of Radio Ceredigion’ chairman and former Radio Ceredigion Ltd chairman Geraint Davies. Along with a number of former directors and presenters he’s aiming to restore the station to its original format but with a different business model. They propose to invite local residents of Ceredigion to be ‘shareholders’, with 1,000 people investing £100 in the station to fund its ‘launch’.

Radio Ceredigion began life in 1992 and was later owned by Tindle. Tindle sold 80% to Town and Country Broadcasting in April 2010, with TCB taking the remaining 20% last year.

Applicants’ proposed format statements for Ceredigion licence:

Radio Ceredigion Ltd
A local news, music and information service for Ceredigion targetting a broad 15+ audience and including regular and identifiable Welsh language programming.

Radio Ceredigion 2012 cyf
A station broadcasting half in English and half in Welsh. Welsh language speech in programming and Welsh language music must serve the Welsh culture. English language speech in programming and English language music must reflect the dual-cultured nature of the area. The bulk of programmes, in both languages must be community orientated and interactive. People of all ages will be targeted. A local news service will be provided throughout the day.

The group behind Radio Ceredigion 2012 cyf say in their application: “By re-establishing a truly bilingual
and truly interactive and community broadcasting model, Radio Ceredigion will be a way of winning back the listeners lost by the present provider.”

You can read both applications in full and submit any views you have to Ofcom here.

Posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2012 at 11:35 am by RadioToday UK

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