Bath radio stations off-air after TX fire

Up to eight FM radio station transmitters have been off-air Thursday morning following a fire and power cut at a site in Bath.

BBC Radio Bristol (104.6FM), The Breeze (107.9FM), Heart West County (103FM), Classic FM (100.2FM) and the local relays for the four national BBC FM networks all had their output cut just before 6am. The local DAB digital radio multiplexes, BBC national multiplex and Digital One were also affected.

The transmitter site, at Bathampton in the north of Bath, covers 80,000 homes with Freeview television services too.

A spokesman for transmitter owner Arqiva earlier this morning said: “Due to fire the electricity supply has been isolated meaning that services have been temporarily switched off to enable safety work to take place. We understand that people in the locality will be experiencing a loss in services and we are working in getting the transmitter back in full service so that the Bath area transmissions can be resumed.”


The fire at our Bath transmitter site has now been officially declared as arson by authorities. The fire is extinguished, without injury to responders and people living in the area. Power supplies have and continue to be isolated. The site has been classified as a crime scene by local police who have sealed the site. We expect to be able to commence repairs early this afternoon.

A ground level visual inspection has been completed by engineers who have confirmed fire damage to multiple feeders. A full detailed damage survey will take place once our engineers are able to climb the structure.

Arqiva engineering is on site and will work around the clock to ensure that services are brought back on air just a soon as is safely possible.


Electricity service now restored and Arqiva engineers have been on site repairing the damage.

Some Radio services have been given a temporary feed to help restore the service quickly whilst repairs are undertaken. Television and national and some local radio stations are now fully back on air.

Mobile network still has some disruption but engineers from both Arqiva and operators are working to repair damage.


Most radio services back on-air.

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 11:09 am by RadioToday UK

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