Quidem keeps Coventry licence for Touch FM

Ofcom has awarded the re-advertised FM local commercial radio licence for Coventry to existing licensee Quidem, owners of Touch FM.

Quidem retained the licence despite competition from Panjab Radio Coventry, which wanted to use the 96.2 frequency for a Punjabi radio station.

In his fight for the licence, Panjab Managing Director Surjit Singh Ghuman MBE said: “Panjab Radio’s research shows that 90% of the artists and 82% of the songs played on Touch FM were also played on either Free, Free 80s, Heart, Smooth or Kerrang!”

Chief executive Steve Orchard said: “Our future looks very bright indeed. Now more than ever, Coventry needs a radio station that caters exclusively for the City. Touch FM Coventry isn’t for the wider Warwickshire area and it’s not for the West Midlands. We are exceptionally proud of our award-winning output and we’ll continue to be our City’s local radio station.

“We have always known that local businesses across the City appreciate having a cost-effective media way to market themselves that has a very specific coverage area – it minimises wastage and allows them to be really specific with their advertising.

“And for our listeners this means that we’ll be able to continue to bring them the quality programming that they have come to expect from us.”

Touch FM will continue to provide “a full service, locally-oriented music and information station for Coventry and its communities” to an adult population of 247,275.

Posted on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 at 1:26 pm by RadioToday UK

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