Mitchell And Webb return to BBC Radio 4

David Mitchell and Robert Webb are returning to BBC Radio 4 with their sketch show That Mitchell And Webb Sound.

The sketches and characters which gained the actors a Sony Silver in 2005 and a Bronze in 2008, will be back in November after a four year break. It progressed to television in 2006 as That Mitchell And Webb Look.

David Mitchell says: “It’s great to return to Radio 4 now that we’re old enough to listen to it.”

“I love doing radio, mainly because you don’t have to do the actions. David does the actions anyway and I respect his process. Although waiting for him to change costumes can be irksome,” joked Webb.

Some of the show’s previous writers, including Mark Evans and Toby Davies, plus Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley are also on board. James Bachman, aka Bleak Expectations’ Harry Biscuit, will again be part of the cast along with Olivia Colman.

Caroline Raphael, Comedy Commissioning Editor for BBC Radio 4, says: “It’s always wonderful to see Radio 4 programmes and talent move to television. My parting words to David and Robert were – ‘the door is always open’ and here they are, back again and we are absolutely delighted, as I am sure the listeners will be.”

Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 3:31 pm by RadioToday UK

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