Moyles videos branded "rubbish" by Penk

Chris Moyles’ ‘life’ videos – which are now in week 4 – have been criticised by former broadcaster Steve Penk for being rubbish and late.
Penk says “It doesn’t matter how many times you tweet this, it’s still rubbish, the public aren’t stupid. 2 yrs too late with this idea.”
This week’s video included some filming at the home of Steph and Dom from the television show Goggle Box – during a visit from Moyles and fellow radio folk Gavin Inskip, Simon Hirst and others.
His first video, posted earlier this month, so far has over 22,000 views, with the latest having almost 7,000 since it was posted two days ago.
Chris Moyles replied saying “Don’t use my name to gain some headlines for yourself. Do something interesting and see what happens. Or just go away. Either or”

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