BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine gets pulled up for speeding

Jeremy Vine has been caught speeding in Hyde Park.. on his bicycle.

The Radio 2 lunchtime phone-in host was doing 16 MPH in a 5 MPH zone. He posted a video of his incident, including getting stopped by the police, the social network Vine, and Twitter.

He said: “The moment I got stopped by police with a speed gun, checking cyclists today. They said speed limit in Hyde Park is 5mph and I was doing 16mph. I apologised. #LondonCycling”

When he got in to the Radio 2 studio and said he was radar-gunned at 16mph on my bicycle, his producer told him him was living on the edge! Colleague Chris Evans tweeted in response saying “Speeding Vine”.

Posted on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 at 12:17 pm by RadioToday

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