JAM Creative Productions celebrates 40 years of jingles

This week, Dallas jingle company JAM is celebrating 40 years of making jingles all around the world, singing up and down the dial.

The company has operated under its original name and ownership, with founders and partners Jonathan and Mary Lyn Wolfert having founded the company in 1974 and continue to own the business and operate it on a daily basis. The name JAM is an acronym for “Jon And Mary Lyn”.

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During the past 40 years JAM jingles have been used by stations around the world. Jon Wolfert says, “All of our clients are important to us, and it’s difficult to pick favorites. But, as someone who grew up in New York, I’m amazed that a young couple who heard our work on WABC in the mid-70s could have had children who heard us on Z-100 in the 80s, and grandkids who are hearing us on WCBS-FM and WFAN today.

JAM has been on thousands of stations and television programmes, and has so far made over 23,000 jingle packages. Jon says “And yes, we have copies of them all… it’s the ultimate jingle collection!”

At one point in the early 90s, JAM was on almost every radio station in the UK and enjoyed a close working relationship with Alfasound as UK and Eire representative. The relationship continues today with S2Blue still supplying jingles from JAM and PAMS with recent resings for Pat Sharp, Tony Blackburn and Shaun Tilley.

Getting into jingle production was something Jon Wolfert always wanted to do. He says, “I’ve been interested in radio, music and production since I was a kid, and got hooked on radio jingles early on because they combine all of those.” He moved to Dallas in 1971 when he was hired at PAMS Productions. “It was great to work for a place I had long admired and be able to learn from some of the best. But after a few years I wanted to do things my own way, and I left to start JAM.”

It came full circle in 1990 when JAM bought what remained of PAMS, which included the copyrights and original master tapes. The PAMS packages are still in demand today, particularly by stations playing music from the 60s and 70s. For example, the “decades channels” on SiriusXM Satellite Radio use era-appropriate jingles from PAMS and JAM.

This weekend, jingle radio station JingleMad Radio is devoting the entire output to JAM jingles to recognise 40 years, starting Thursday.

The company made a “song” in 1985 singing the names of most of their clients. It simply became known as The JAM Song, and here it is for your enjoyment:

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