Kisstory and heat added to five DAB multiplexes

Bauer’s Kisstory and heat digital radio stations are being added to five local DAB multiplexes.
They will both appear on Cambridge, Kent, Norwich, Nottingham and Sussex after multiplex line-up change requests were approved by Ofcom. Bauer also confirms applications are in process to add Kisstory to 15 local multiplexes in total.
Kisstory plays old skool and anthems and is currently only available online and on Freeview, whilst heat is the celebrity station, home of Ryan Seacrest.
Kisstory will launch at 64kbps mono whilst heat gets a slightly better bit-rate at 80kpbs, both with a launch date of 5th January 2015. More changes will be expected from Bauer on the same date as Absolute 90s moves from D1 to local muiltplexes and Magic goes national.

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Posted on Monday, November 24th, 2014 at 11:41 am by RadioToday UK

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