Radioplayer extends to Ireland in a new deal with RTE

Radioplayer is extending to Ireland after a deal was made with RTÉ and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland.
It’ll launch on all 43 Independent and RTÉ stations next month, for an initial three year term. There’ll be no desktop version like in the UK, instead just a mobile app.
Simon Blackmore, Managing Director of Radioplayer Worldwide said: “We’re really pleased to have reached an agreement with the Irish radio industry to licence the technology. This now means we have four territories outside of the UK using Radioplayer, which clearly demonstrates that broadcasters working together in a territory is a vital part of the future of radio”.
John Purcell, Chairman of the IBI said: “Since its invention radio has been a flexible and adaptable medium. In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the amount of ways that people can listen to radio and the Radioplayer is the latest milestone in the evolution of radio. The introduction of the Radioplayer to Irish audiences marks another step in the growing partnership between RTÉ and the independent radio broadcasters and it will ensure that radio remains relevant in all our lives.”
“This is a big step forward by our mature industry; bringing simplicity and variety to digital listeners on a strong, robust platform with tons of potential”, says JP Coakley, Director of Operations, RTÉ Radio.
Radioplayer is now available in Norway, Belgium and Germany, plus here in the UK. All stations, with the exception of those owned by Bauer, offer the Radioplayer service to listeners via their own websites.

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Posted on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 at 4:59 pm by Duty Reporter

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