Sunrise FM in breach for failing to log output

Sunrise FM has been found in breach of two licence conditions after failing to provide a recording of its output to Ofcom.

The regulator wanted to investigate a complaint made against the Bradford station, in which a listener said a presenter was making “disparaging and divisive” comments about a political group.

The Licensee said that during the show in question, at around 12:30 on Tuesday 12 August, a technical issue in the main studio meant broadcasts were taking place from its second studio, normally used for training purposes. The logger in that studio failed to record the output for that time and it was therefore unable to provide the recording.

Sunrise has since rectified both technical issues and that its logging facility was functioning correctly to avoid any similar failure in the future.

But Ofcom said the “failure to provide the recordings requested is a significant breach of Sunrise FM’s licence, which, in this particular case, significantly affects Ofcom’s ability to assess the station’s compliance with the Code.

“Should similar compliance issues arise Ofcom may take further regulatory action.”

Each station licensed by Ofcom has to make and retain, for a period of 42 days from the date of its inclusion, a recording of all output.

Posted on Monday, November 3rd, 2014 at 11:40 am by RadioToday

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