Noddy Holder is the Xmas voice of Free Radio

Free Radio has brought in Noddy Holder, lead vocalist and guitarist from Slade, as its official Voice of Christmas.
Noddy has been branding the station throughout the entire month of December, and will end in a special show “When Santa Met Noddy”, to be broadcast on Free Radio on Christmas Day.
The agreement means that West Midland’er Noddy is featuring across the Free Radio network, including Free Radio Christmas – formerly Free Radio 80s – which has been renamed for the festive period playing nothing but Christmas classics until Boxing Day.
David Salt, Programme Director at Free Radio, said: “Branding radio stations is about being distinctive. Noddy’s voice is instantly recognizable and his irreverence is utterly in tune with our ‘never a dull moment’ brand values”.
Holder said: “Seeing as I am Santa’s stunt double it is fitting that I am the voice of Christmas in the West Midlands.”
When it was released, Merry Xmas Everybody became the fastest selling single in the UK and has since sold millions of copies. But more than 40 years on, Holder told Free Radio he was still “proud” of the song.
He added: “It has been very good to us as a pension plan – the whole band. I think when I hear it now I’m proud of it – I’m really proud of it. I don’t think it’s dated.”

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