Presenters to pick the music on Mix96

Mix96 is dropping the station playlist for a few hours and allowing presenters to actually choose the music they play on their programmes on Monday.
The station’s most recent recruit, Wes Venn will host a four hour morning show accompanied by his Dad, Bob. Wes and Bob will both be choosing the music for the show without any interference from management.
Wes said: “Dad is really looking forward to co-hosting the show with me on Monday and the mix of music is going to be great with Dad and I choosing songs in rotation. We’re even giving the listener the chance to decide whose song they would rather hear… Mine or my dad’s! Stick that in your variety pipe and smoke it!”
Nathan Cooper will also present a four hour show entitled ‘Legends of Friars’ which will celebrate Aylesbury’s local music club which since its conception in 1969 has hosted the likes of Queen, David Bowie, Genesis and The Police.
Mix96 Programme Controller, Darren Scott told RadioToday: “We’re all really excited about this presenter takeover day on Mix96. The presenters have been given the flexibility to do whatever they want with their four hour show. Break some rules, tell some stories and really have fun with it! I’m really proud of what they’ve come up with.”

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