I was the worst PD says Elvis Duran #RDE15

“How you do it I have no idea” Z100 breakfast presenter Elvis Duran tells a room full of Programme Directors.

He’s being interviewed along with Dennis Clark, who he says saved Z100 Breakfast, by John Simons at Radiodays Europe in Milan.

“I was the worst PD in the world. I can’t imagine what it is like managing people, I can’t do. I have so much respect for Programme Directors, how you do it I have no idea. Some of us should never be allowed to manage people, I’m an awful manager. Thank God it didn’t last because I was a failure at it,” Elvis said.

Elvis has great respect for radio consultant Dennis Clark. “Dennis saved my career, he saved Z100’s morning show, and one of the many important lessons Dennis taught me was, and I have to remind myself once in a while, you have to give yourself permission to be you.”

Dennis is now Executive Producer of the Ryan Seacrest morning show on 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles.

Elvis also revealed he never preps for a show the day before. “I prep that day. If I prep for my show the day before I’m in a [different] mood. When I wake up I’m in today’s mood I want to say what’s on my mind today so I prep early in the morning.”

Before his current job at Z100, Elvis’ previous radio jobs included a stint as an on-air personality at WIOQ in Philadelphia. He served as WIOQ’s Programme Director from May 1989 until just before he was fired in February 1990. In October 1991, Elvis became both the programme director and morning show host of KBTS (now KGSR) in Austin, Texas.

Elvis has around 15-20 people working on his morning show at Z100. Dennis told delegates: “There’s a team of 15-20 on the show – if I knew exactly I’d probably be told to fire them says!”

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