International revenues up six percent at PPL

UK music licensing company PPL has announced a 6% uplift in its international revenues in 2014.

The company has seen a £2 million increase in revenues on 2013 to £36.4 million, which was 12% growth on a currency neutral basis.

Since 2003, PPL has collected over £230 million in international revenues for performers and record companies via a term often known as ‘neighbouring rights’, which PPL receives through agreements with other Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) around the world.

Laurence Oxenbury, Director of International, PPL said: “PPL has really driven this market over the last 8 years, which has caused many people to sit up and take note of the potential of this revenue stream. We are delighted with the progress that we made in 2014 in growing our international collections while remaining at the forefront of addressing the many challenges associated with international rights management so as to ensure growth in the future as well.”

The top three countries from which revenues were collected by PPL in 2014 were the USA (£9.6m), Belgium (£5.6m) and the Netherlands (£3.9m) and significantly higher year-on-year payments were received from Finland (£1.3m) and Poland (£1m). The majority of the revenue was collected on behalf of the performers (£30.7m), and the remaining amount on behalf of independent record companies.

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