The Bay features in novel about Lancaster

A new novel about a city under siege features Lancaster-based The Bay along with its presenters and staff.

Boys To Men, by Robert J. Watson and John B. Atkinson, tells the fictional account of Lancaster being overrun by activists and how the CN Group station steps up its public service role to new heights in efforts to keep residents – desperate for information, informed – against the odds.

But when fate leads to staff being held up in the studio with nowhere to run – and nowhere to hide, help comes in the form of a group of the city’s youngest heroes: The Cadet Force at the Grammar School, who assist the regular forces in finding a way in to take out the bad guys. And to add to the thrills, the enemy has a nuclear weapon.

Author, Robert J. Watson, wouldn’t divulge the fate of The Bay’s presenters: “I don’t want to give too much away; but they’re made to do the job under the most extreme circumstances. We did toy with turning one of them into a whimpering mess… we’ll not tell you which one, but we decided against it. We couldn’t do that to them!”

All of the royalties from sales of the book will go to the Lancaster Grammar school and cadet force to spend as they see fit.

‘Boys To Men’ launched online at Amazon in February and it’s hoped it will be on sale in stores soon. The price is £9.69 to match The Bay’s frequency”

Bay Breakfast presenter Danny Matthews commented “I’ve started reading it already, and I’m hooked! If you hear a few extra songs on the breakfast show, you’ll know I’m engrossed in another chapter!”

The Bay’s presenters Danny Matthews, Tony ‘Cooky’ Cookson and Darren Milby feature throughout the storyline, with Managing Director Bill Johnston, Programme Controller Phil Rodgers and sales executive Tina Hodgson also included.

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