Radio City to honour the 96 via its logo

This Wednesday April 15th sees the 26th Anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster and Radio City will acknowledgement the date via its logo.

The logo on the side of the station’s base – 450ft above Liverpool City Centre – is the previous version of the Radio City logo which still includes its frequency of 96.7 which lights up in the dark.

For this occasion, the station will turn off all the letters and numbers except “96” in memory of those whose lives were lost. The letters will be turned off one by one from 10pm Tuesday.

The station told RadioToday it’s a “mark of respect from St John’s Beacon on a day when the city unites to remember each one of the 96 and the friends and families they left behind.”



Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2015 at 4:29 pm by RadioToday

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