RadioCentre coordinates Nepal Appeal audio

A number of commercial radio stations across the UK are supporting the Nepal Earthquake Appeal that was launched this week by the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Stations will be broadcasting messages recorded by Sir Kenneth Branagh asking listeners to visit the DEC website or call 0370 6060900 to make a donation.

RadioCentre has arrangements with the DEC so that stations who wish to do so can offer free publicity to any DEC appeal. Once a situation is deemed appropriate and a decision to launch an appeal is made, the DEC approaches RadioCentre in the same way and at the same time as it approaches the BBC and ITV. Since commercial radio became part of the DEC mechanism it has been involved in a number of similar appeals.

The audio for the campaign is being distributed via IMD. On receipt, client stations can log the promotions into their traffic systems as appropriate. It is anticipated that stations will regularly broadcast details of the appeal. A 20” and a 30” version of the promotion are both available, and the precise amount of coverage to be given will be decided by each station separately taking account of the nature of the appeal and advice given by RadioCentre.

Stations are not committed to taking any action at all, although the DEC hopes that stations feel that the situation merits participation in the appeal on humanitarian grounds.

Posted on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 at 11:04 am by RadioToday

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