New apps promote radio’s benefits to advertisers

The Radio Advertising Bureau has launched two new tools to help advertisers estimate the effectiveness of their radio campaign and find out what types of creative work best.

ROI Predict is a free online calculator that advertisers can use to input how they’ve allocated their budgets across different media along with information about their brand. it will then work out a total campaign ROI for the client. It also means media planners can choose different options to work out the most effective way to target their spending.

Ad Finder is a way for creative agencies to find radio adverts that have been run before – and they can search by things such as use of humour, call-to-action mechanics, types of voices and music etc. It pulls data from radioGAUGE, an RAB database that contains results of surveys that have measured the success of radio advertising campaigns for the last 7 years.

Mark Barber, Planning Director at the RAB commented: “We are always looking at ways to help advertising customers use radio more effectively as part of their media mix. These apps provide insight into how radio can be used as part of a wider media and creative campaign to help optimise overall advertising ROI.”

Tomas Balaam, Business Director, Mindshare added: “Any tool that helps us create further rationale for including radio within a media schedule is brilliant. ROI Predict is easy to use and produces great visual outputs that can be simply incorporated into client presentations.”

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