Chris Evans recording a Top Gear sequence

BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans has confirmed he is recording a Top Gear sequence to ‘see how it goes’.

The breakfast show presenter, who has previously denied on numerous occasions that he is not taking over from Jeremy Clarkson as host of Top Gear, told Tim Lovejoy on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch programme “We’re making a Top Gear – we’re doing a Top Gear sequence with an independent production company and we’re going to see how it goes.”

The latest rumours surrounding the show says Richard Hammond and James May will continue hosting Top Gear but with a guest presenter each week. Chris Evans could simply be one of the guest hosts, although follow up tweets by Jeremy Clarkson and James May suggest otherwise.

Jeremy Clarkson responded on Twitter with: “Next week, I’m doing a pilot Radio 2 breakfast show with an independent production company. We’ll see how it goes.”

James May added: “I’m working on a new TV idea, with an independent production company, called TFI Thursday. We’ll see how it goes.”

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