Rutland Radio broadcasts from a small shed

Rutland Radio presenter Rob Persani has broadcast his morning show live from a small shed.

The station called it the smallest shed in the world, located in the village of Whissendine, as Rob visited the shed and its owner to celebrate National Shed Week.

Shed owner Brian Penny cleared out his shed especially for the occasion to make room for Rob to join him.

For Rob Persani, it was a reminder of the beginnings of his own radio career, ‘I began my radio career in a shed. I ran Bedroom Radio when I was younger, so it’s almost like coming full circle.’

Rutland Radio broadcasts on 107.2 FM & 97.4 FM and is part of Lincs FM Group.

Shed 015

Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 at 9:21 pm by RadioToday

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