Chris Evans late again for Radio 2 breakfast

If there’s one problem with presenting Britain’s biggest breakfast radio show, it’s everyone knowing if you turn up late.

It happened to Chris Evans again this morning – he appeared at 7am, 30 minutes after the show starts. Vanessa Feltz once again covered for him, in a similar fashion to how she covered last time Chris was late – in January.

Last time Chris offered no explanation about his late arrival, but today he blamed correcting his clock to the right time, and parents evening which took place last night.

“Where were you on the day at school when you learned the 24 hour clock?” Vanessa said after playing a couple of songs in a row after the 6.30am headlines.

Chris joined the show after the 7am news after listening to Vanessa on the way in. “That was a nice lie in” he said, going on to dedicate the show to anyone who’s ever changed their morning alarm for the right new time but in the PM instead of the AM.

TFI Friday returns this week on Channel 4 with guests including U2 and Take That.

RadioToday’s Stuart Clarkson asked Chris how he’s planning on juggling all his new jobs, with TFI Friday and Top Gear to record. He said even though he has more stuff to do, it’s all jobs he wants to do and he’s in a perfect position:

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Posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 at 10:11 am by RadioToday UK

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