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Portsmouth DAB gets The RedTrain Express

The RedTrain Express, a radio service from The Jazz UK, has launched on the small-scale DAB trial in Portsmouth.

The station – one of three jazz streams available via thejazz.co.uk has been an online stream until now and has been testing in the area for the last seven days. The Jazz is not connected to the former GCap Media station of the same name.

Owners describe the station as: a predominantly 21st Century Jazz radio station – which will include some music that is very rarely played on UK radio. Each day features a fusion hour – where jazz gets loud; specialist “challenging” jazz hours along with well-known artists such as Annie Lennox, Jamie Cullum, Amy Winehouse.

The Jazz UK is owned & operated by Ian Starling. Ian has over 20 years broadcast on radio stations around the South West of England – including Lantern FM, South Hams Radio, Palm FM, Exeter FM and also Pirate FM.

The Portsmouth DAB minimux is home to a number of unique services including ANGELextra, 100% HITS Triple and Chris Country.


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