reports success for Radio Everyone

Live streaming platform is reporting 250million listeners in 117 countries tuned in to the recent Radio Everyone project. powered the global pop-up radio station, which aimed to put pressure on world leaders to fulfil the project’s Global Goals.

Content on Radio Everyone was pre-recorded and scheduled via before being syndicated to traditional radio stations around the world.

Once every 15 minutes, a minute long package was played about one of the seventeen Global Goals and the station went out in ten different language streams.

James Mulvany, co-founder of, said: “The success of Radio Everyone has shown how powerful this new concept of pop-up radio can be – using the internet platform allows DJs to connect from everywhere in the world, and broadcast globally. We were expecting the bulk of listeners to be in the western world, but the pop-up radio station had significant listener figures in Kenya, Jamaica, India and Pakistan amongst others.

“The idea of pop-up radio isn’t limited to radio stations, we have already seen that anyone who wants to can create a human-curated audio experience, such as restaurant chains, gyms, churches, event and festival organisers or musicians.”

John Cranmer, the Freelance Producer who was responsible for setting up and managing the pop-up radio during the Radio Everyone broadcast, said: “We wanted the broadcast so that wherever you were listening in the world, you would hear a language you were most familiar with. That was a key part of the project, but in terms of logistics it was a huge challenge – that’s where really helped us.

“Everyone was incredibly pleased that the content reached people in so many countries. I’m a bit of a cynic normally, but having worked on this pop-up radio project I am now hopeful about what we can achieve.”

The musical signature for the station was written by Peter Gabriel and then Reelworld turned it into a package of imaging elements and themes.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 at 4:15 pm by RadioToday UK

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