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Regional radio awards for NW and Yorkshire

Two regional branches of the Radio Academy are putting together their own awards this year.

They appear in the absence of the Radio Academy Nations and Regions Awards, which previously provided the winner with a nomination in the Station of the Year category at the now cancelled Radio Academy Awards.

In the North West, the committee are looking to award the North West Newcomer of the Year to find new talent, either on or off air. Nominations should be sent to john@johndash.media by Friday 4th December.

The award will be made at the branch Christmas Quiz on Tuesday 8th December in Manchester.

Meanwhile, in Yorkshire, they will be awarding the 2015 Yorkshire radio station of the year.

MP3 entries and an optional 250 words are needed by Monday 30th November via yorkshire@radioacademy.org and is open to any BBC, commercial, community, hospital and student radio stations that broadcast from studios within Yorkshire.

The Top 3 will be announced ahead of the award being given out at the Yorkshire Christmas Quiz on December 15th in Leeds.

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