Sandi Thom tells Radio 2 and Bauer to F off

Singer Sandi Thom has posted a video on social media explaining how hurt she is that BBC Radio 2 and Bauer Network have apparently rejected her latest song.

The Punk Rocker singer from Scotland weeps and swears as she explains what it feels like not to make the playlists again.

“I apparently can do no right. I made that single – I made a song which is catchy and fits their (Radio 2’s) format and there is no reason why they shouldn’t playlist that song,” Sandi says.

“I am done with this industry and the bullshit,” she continues. “Without their support, it can’t be a success”.

She also says the Head of Music at Bauer said no to any interviews and no to any playlists. “That’s 22 million people across the UK who will not get to hear this song because of one person’s decision.”

She ends the 2 minute vertical video, posted on Wednesday evening, saying “F* you Radio 2, F* you Bauer and F* the lot of ya. Go and shove it up your arse cos I really don’t care any more”.

2200hrs update: The video and posts have been removed but the Daily Record downloaded it and posted it here.

Both Bauer and the BBC have told RadioToday they have no comment on the matter.

Sandi has been an independent artist since leaving RCA in 2009.

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