Major changes at Community Media Association

There are a number of changes at the CMA this week after four council members have left, including the Chair Dom Chambers and Interim Chair Danny Lawrence.

Amongst the changes, Lucinda Guy of Soundart Radio is the new Chair, Hannah Parry from Swindon Viewpoint is Deputy Chair, and Martin Steers of Scout Radio is Treasurer.

Lucinda Guy says: “It is an incredible honour to be elected Chair of the Community Media Association, an organisation with over 30 years history of campaigning for and supporting community broadcasters in the UK.

“It has been some years since the CMA was last chaired by a woman, and I hope that the appointment of both Hannah and I sends a positive message to other women in media, who can at times feel under-represented.

“My experience includes running a licensed community radio station for nearly ten years, developing projects with other voluntary organisations, and talking to community media people around the world, exchanging programmes and ideas. I look forward to working with the CMA council, staff and members to benefit the wider community broadcasting sector.”

Hannah Parry says: “I am delighted to be elected Deputy Chair of the CMA. I have good general knowledge of third sector issues and organisations and have gained governance experience over a period of 5 years through previously serving on the voluntary management boards of 3 charitable/not-for-profit organisations in roles including Trustee, Director and Chair.”

Martin Steers: “It has been a tough time financially for the CMA and the community media sector in general and whilst I feel we have turned a corner and have seen great improvements, I think that there is still room for development.

Javed Sattar, long-standing CMA member and CMA Director comments: “As an organisation the CMA has always shown diversity and equality and I offer my congratulations to our new chair, Lucinda Guy, as she follows in the footsteps of our previous chairs. Lucinda will be supported by Hannah Parry in her role as Deputy Chair – an all female Chair and Deputy Chair is a first for our organisation. And congratulations also to Martin Steers as Treasurer who will assist in taking the CMA forward for the members and truly leading the sector.”

Bill Best, Operations Manager at the CMA, adds: “I look forward to working with a renewed CMA Council Executive. I congratulate the new Executive Officers and extend my thanks to previous holders of these posts for their hard work and dedication. The new team has got some exciting ideas for taking the organisation forward to improve sustainability of the CMA, its members and the wider community media sector”.

Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 1:09 pm by RadioToday UK

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