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New book explores the world of radio plugging

A new free book is aiming to dispel some of the mysteries and myths behind the dark art of gaining radio airplay.

‘Get Heard… the DIY guide to getting National Airplay’ has been written by former DJ and radio plugger aiming to empower bands, acts, artistes and small record labels with little-to-no budget, to get their music on UK radio.

James’ company has gained airplay for brand new bands over the years on the likes of Radio 1, the former XFM, Radio 2, Kerrang, 6Music, Amazing Radio, BBC 5 live and more.

The free guide shows bands, acts, artistes and labels:

  • How radio stations select the tracks that they play
  • Who you need to target at each station
  • Ninja tactics for getting played on the BBC
  • How to use online platforms to gain national airplay
  • What you need to provide radio stations in order to get played
  • Promotional strategy plans
  • Plugging timelines and email templates

Burtt: “To be honest, the reason I wanted to write the book was due to the fact that I saw promotional budgets getting smaller and smaller for bands and airplay becoming harder and harder to secure, but with 90% of the UK population listening to the wireless every week, radio is still such an important platform for new music makers to get heard that I decided I would share the tips, tricks and tactics that I have learnt from being involved in radio for a decade.

“I was also leaving the music game for a while to focus on some other businesses I own, so I figured why not show people how to do it themselves as they can’t hire me anymore anyway! Good karma and all that.”

The 59 page e-book ‘Get Heard… the DIY guide to getting National Airplay’ is available as a totally free download here.

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