Chris Moyles drops another F bomb on Breakfast

Chris Moyles has apologised for swearing on the Radio X breakfast show this morning, even though he didn’t remember doing it.

He blurted out the F word in the middle of a conversation about The Voice television show at 7.25am, but didn’t even realise he said it.

Journalist and co-host Dominic Byrne had to stop Chris and apologise on his behalf, before explaining to Chris what just happened.

Chris said “Then this big 22 stone fucking fella with sweat dripping off him and they’re like…” to which Dominic interupted “Watch your language”.

Chris then also said sorry a number of times saying he was just getting carried away. It’s not the first time Chris has got carried away in a similar rant.

If you missed it, you can listen below thanks to RadioToday Audio:

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